50 tons de vermelho [50 shades of red]
Rodrigo Andrade

50 tons de vermelho [50 shades of red]
Rodrigo Andrade


Commissioned works

Among the works of the exhibition-manifesto Rejuvenesça! [Rejuvenate!] that took place from October 2018 to February 2019, there was a large mural flanking the stairs of Casa do Povo, which remains in place after the end of the event. In the vertical ascent of the six flights of stairs leading to the terrace, the visitor is accompanied by quite organic shapes in warm shades, in a scale that ranges from orange to purple. Something about such shapes leads to think about decorative arabesques in movement, or maybe small monsters and fantastic creatures that come up among the imperfections and obstacles of the walls, inhabiting this space of passage of the building.

The visual presence of the work also leaves traces that tell about the process of its making. In different points of the wall, one can notice pencil-made contours that were never continued or filled. Such marks, otherwise easily covered if in paper or canvas, allow to glimpse the displacement of the painting of Rodrigo Andrade towards new and less conventional supports in his practice. The fact of painting directly on the wall, in large format, and without the thickness of oil paint breaks away from his usual techniques.

50 tons de vermelho brings variations of this color that, in the political field, historically alludes to progressive movements. The inscription of these different hues and shapes seems to acquire a precise sense in the walls of Casa do Povo, a place that since 1953 simultaneously welcomes movements affiliated to different sides, yet all of them comprised within values identified with progressive fields.

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