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Casa do Povo’s programming expands the notion of culture, incorporating a large array of activities beyond artistic practices – from health and caring to community issues. The code of colors, filters and tags on the website helps to navigate through this entanglement of people and initiatives. Porous, mutant and critical, the programming allows the institution to structure itself without becoming rigid, to reinvent itself without growing precarious, to internationalize without giving up its local relevance, that is, in order to experiment with other forms of existence.

Regular activities

We strive to offer a lineup of courses that pique interest in the neighborhood and in Casa do Povo’s groups in residence, based on original and accessible practices (for those who offer, those who welcome and those who attend).

Study groups
In dialogue with the institution’s axes, the study groups have various operational modes, some focused on internal processes, discussions and readings and others capable of overlapping into public events programming.


Commissioned works
Casa do Povo invites artists to develop new works, adapting its physical structure and guaranteeing the full operational existence of each project held here.

Each publication is understood as an extension of the projects developed and as a part of the events schedule.

Combining processes and results, discourses and actions, artistic and academic work, Casa do Povo promotes encounters based on specific themes according to the urgent issues of the day.

Hosted events

Groups in residence can promote public activities that become part of the events schedule. Deliberately discontinuous and fluid, these activities establish close dialogues with the institution’s work axes and help make Casa do Povo larger than it is, overflowing with community life.

Projects and proposals can be sent to for assessment. At the same time, with the intention of encouraging this movement, an annual open call dedicated exclusively to collective practices has been launched.

Learn how to use the space.

Programação suspensa no ar

The activities suspended on air continue without a fixed schedule, leaving room to breathe in an attempt to follow and reflect upon the coming uncertainties. Follow the suspended activities every week online.

Círculo de Reflexão sobre Judaísmo Contemporâneo #29 Com Avraham Milgram

Sábado, 11h / Encontro online

Nos últimos 30 anos houve uma explosão de museus dedicados ao Holocausto. E o tema se tornou, na cultura ocidental, um dos maiores ícones da violência cometida por ordens nacionais baseadas em força e mitos. Quais os desafios de combate às dinâmicas autoritárias nas repetições da história?

Rádio ânsia

Fridays, from noon to 1pm / 2020

Rádio ânsia is a platform for encounters on kuir ecologies. A project by Universidad Desconocida (UU) along with Casa do Povo, aired every Friday in June, from noon to 1pm, retransmitted on Tuesdays from 5 to 6pm.

77º Levante do Gueto de Varsóvia

19 de abril / 2020

O Levante nunca deixou de acontecer na Casa do Povo, desde a sua fundação em 1953. Excepcionalmente online, o evento deste ano foi orquestrado pelo artista Mauricio Ianês e acontece em momentos dispersos, de maneira que as centelhas dessa comemoração fragmentada nos permitam estar juntos, ainda que separados.

Nossa Voz #1020

Read online / 2020

The new edition of Nossa Voz newspaper is the continuance – and the unfolding in paper format – of a series of actions and reflections built upon the notion of common, which, although not designated as such, has been orienting Casa do Povo for decades, specially in the year of 2019.


The garden of Casa do Povo is a collective process started in 2018, based on the proposal developed by the artist and agroecologist Fernando García Dory, member of INLAND-Campo Adentro, in dialogue with the collectives of Casa do Povo, neighbors, and other interested people.

A Dívida Impagável Denise Ferreira da Silva

Publicação para download / 2019

A Dívida Impagável, de Denise Ferreira da Silva, é uma publicação organizada pela Oficina de Imaginação Política com o apoio da Casa do Povo. O lançamento aconteceu em dezembro de 2019. Disponível para download.

Upper floor Renata Lucas

Commissioned works / 2018

The work Andar de cima [Upper Floor], by Renata Lucas, was created between the two rounds of the 2018 election as part of the exhibition-manifesto Rejuvenesça! [Rejuvenate!], which marked the urgency to take a position and to act.

Pedagogic Pillows Traplev

Commissioned works / 2019

Created by Traplev, the Pedagogic Pillows are pedagogic dispositifs for political re-alphabetization, bringing text and image records of several popular mobilizations in the country, presenting their main characters, social causes, and historical facts.

Publication: Laboratory for Flexible Structures

Read online / 2017

The Laboratory for Flexible Structures is a year-long program discussing management techniques for various cultural initiatives.

Yoga Study of Therapeutic Postures

Fridays, 9:30am / Regular activity

In times of constant acceleration and too many stimuli, practicing yoga helps to develop the attention, focus, and discernment. The regular practice of exercises strengthens and stretches the body, improves breathing and sleep, and in the longer run adds an increased presence to the performance of daily activities.


Tuesday to Saturday, 2 pm to 7 pm

The Library materializes a wide range of invisible moments of coexistence and collective knowledge that take place at Casa do Povo on a daily basis, putting on the same space the practices that normally happen in separated times and spaces.

Assim elas comemoram a vitória Yael Bartana

Commissioned works

Assim elas comemoram a vitória [And so they celebrate victory] is a neon sign that occupies Casa do Povo’s entrance hall by the israeli artist Yael Bartana.

50 tons de vermelho [50 shades of red] Rodrigo Andrade

Commissioned works

50 tons de vermelho [50 shades of red] (2018) brings variations of this color that, in the political field, historically alludes to progressive movements. The visual presence of the work also leaves traces that tell about the process of its making.

Publicação: Assim elas comemoram a vitória

Leia online / 2017

A publicação, coeditada com as Edições Aurora, é um desdobramento do trabalho de Yael Bartana criado a partir de uma pesquisa da artista pelo arquivo histórico da Casa do Povo.

Psychoanalysis sessions Clínica Aberta de Psicanálise

Saturdays, sessions from 11 am to 3 pm / Regular activity

Clínica Aberta de Psicanálise [Open Psychoanalysis Clinic] offers free treatment at Casa do Povo on Saturdays in the form of therapy sessions.

Fala, homem! [Speak, Man!] Collective Discussion

Tuesday, from 7:30pm to 9:30pm / Regular activities / 2020

Casa do Povo receives the group Fala, homem!, a space of informal discussion for men who believe that performing the numerous roles involving masculinity to be a complicated task – hence the importance of speaking.

Redação Aberta [Open Newsroom]

Regular Activities

Redação Aberta [Open Newsroom] is a workshop space where journalists and other citizens gather to discuss current issues, share resources and knowledge, in addition to learn how to report and investigate stories in their own territories.

Residência para Coletivos 2019

Inscrições encerradas. Acesse o resultado da convocatória

A Residência para Coletivos acontece desde 2015 e tem o objetivo de incentivar práticas coletivas que pertençam ao campo ampliado da cultura.  Acesse o resultado da convocatória.

Audio guide Soundwalk through Bom Retiro

Available on any smartphone with internet access / Regular activity

The 55-minute audio guide runs along corners and streets, traditional shops, synagogues and buildings significant to the history of the Bom Retiro neighborhood, beginning and ending at Casa do Povo.

Regular training Boxe Autônomo

Mondays and Wednesdays, 6 pm and 7:30 pm / Regular activity

Starting from an experience in popular, accessible sports, the group’s training is intended as a first imaginative exercise for Casa do Povo as a free, neighborhood-oriented gym that is not confined to market logic.

Nossa Voz #1019

Read online

Nossa Voz is a publication by Casa do Povo. The newspaper is distributed free of charge and can be obtained at Casa do Povo during visiting hours. Online version is available for download here.

Metacozinha [Metakitchen] Vitor Cesar & Carol Tonetti

Commissioned works

Metacozinha [Metakitchen] space is the result of ideas and desires that emerged collectively: a place for rest, a place for meeting, a support for objects, a display for magazines, a flexible structure, an object that reveals and hides itself.


Fridays, 9:30am / Regular activity

In accelerated times, the practice of yoga develops presence and attention. In addition to developing focus and flexibility, regular exercise tonifies and strengthens the body, breathing becomes more conscious and sleep improves.

Nossa Voz

Nossa Voz is a publication by Casa do Povo. Literally “Our Voice,” the newspaper existed alongside the institution from 1947 to 1964, with texts in Yiddish and Portuguese and an editorial profile aligned with left wing ideals. It was shut down by the military dictatorship, which forced editor-in-chief Hersch Schechter and other contributors into exile. Relaunched in 2014, it continues to dialogue with its historical premises while rethinking its editorial directives.

The editorial committee relies on representatives from a wide variety of areas, meeting regularly to discuss issues concerning the city, memory and artistic practices according to the current political situation.

The publication is distributed free of charge and can be obtained at Casa do Povo during hours of operation, at partner institutions and some commercial establishments in the neighborhood of Bom Retiro in São Paulo.

Access recent issues below.

Click here to see old issues of Nossa Voz (1947-1964)

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