Povo da Casa

Povo da Casa


Coral Tradição procura novas vozes!

Segundas, às 19h30

Coral Tradição [Tradition Choir] sings exclusively in Yiddish and has been active at Casa do Povo since 1989.

Yoga para todes

Terças e quintas / Manhã e Noite

O projeto Yoga para Todes propõe uma prática de autoconhecimento e autocuidado que busca democratizar a atividade da yoga, tornando-a acessível  para todos os tipos de corpos. Saiba mais.

COVID-19 Action Fronts

Inscrições encerradas

Casa do Povo has been focused on actions in the neighborhood to make its space useful in the fight against the effects of Covid-19 in the region.

Fundo FICA

Em residência na Casa do Povo

Iniciativa do Fundo FICA, o projeto Compatilha tem como objetivo oferecer alternativas dignas de moradia aos moradores de cortiços e pensões do bairro do Bom Retiro. 

Boxe Autônomo

Mondays and Wednesdays, 6 pm and 7:30 pm / Regular activity

Starting from an experience in popular, accessible sports, the group’s training is intended as a first imaginative exercise for Casa do Povo as a free, neighborhood-oriented gym that is not confined to market logic.

Emprendedoras Sin Fronteras

Settling their workspace at Casa do Povo, Emprendedoras Sin Fronteras makes small and medium scale textile productions in partnership with brands. This way, they intend to act consciously in the fashion circuit and to provide a fair wage for all participants.

Sabão do Povo

The Sabão do Povo is an action front that came up at Casa do Povo in the context of the COVID-19 pandemics. The group is composed of women from the NGO Mulheres da Luz, Grupo Mexa, as well as volunteers of Casa do Povo who joined forces to produce soap bars from recycled oil offered by restaurants and neighbors, with the aim of providing financial independence through fair profit and conscious consumption.

Publication Studio São Paulo

Publication Studio is a laboratory for publication in its fullest sense – not just the production of books, but the production of a public. This public, which is more than a market, is created through physical production, digital circulation and social gathering. Together these construct a space of conversation which beckons a public into being.

Legítima Defesa

Between February and April 2020, Casa do Povo receives the collective Legítima Defesa, selected by the Residency for Collectives open call held in 2019.

Parquinho Gráfico [Graphic Playground]

Kept by a group of artists, collectives, and designers, the Parquinho approaches practices of editing, design, printing, and finishing that attempt to generate autonomy and self-sufficiency in graphic production for different projects and partnerships.

Grupo Mexa

MEXA uses artistic tactics to defend and promote encounters of the diverse portions of the population in situations of social vulnerability.

Circle for Reflection on Contemporary Judaism

The Circle for Reflection on Contemporary Judaism proposes readings and conversations on burning themes that involve Jewish life, forming a space for dialogue qualified by the contribution of the participants.


Mitchossó is a Korean-Brazilian collective gathering people from the Korean community to share personal accounts and experiences, thus questioning themes considered as polemic or forbidden within the community in order to create new bonds of complicity.

ColetivA Ocupação

ColetivA Ocupação is a meeting between students, artists and performers from different regions of São Paulo who met during the occupations and protests resulting from the school system reorganization proposed by the  São Paulo state government in 2015 and 2016.


Énois supports the development of young people from the peripheries to learn, reflect upon, and produce journalism. The goal of this agency-school is to use journalism as a tool for them to interpret the world surrounding them, question their role in society, and also to act as journalists.


Ocupeacidade began in 2006 intending to bring together people interested in collectively producing artistic actions in the urban spaces of São Paulo.

Collective for dialogue and tactical diversity

Autonomous group for research and dialogue practices, focusing on the way we listen to each other and how we coexist in social systems – seeking to contribute to the construction of a world where many worlds fit.