Redação Aberta
[Open Newsroom]

Redação Aberta
[Open Newsroom]

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Redação Aberta [Open Newsroom] is a workshop space where journalists and other citizens gather to discuss current issues, share resources and knowledge, in addition to learn how to report and investigate stories in their own territories.

The project is a partnership between Énois and City Bureau – a nonprofit lab for civic journalism based in Chicago, US – to implement the Public Newsroom program, which discusses, debates, and deconstructs the way communities are reported (or not) in the media, bringing them to this process of building information to better serve themselves.

Since 2009, Énois | Escola de Jornalismo supports the development of young people from the peripheries to learn, reflect upon, and produce journalism. The goal of this agency-school is to use journalism as a tool for them to interpret the world surrounding them, question their role in society, and also to act as journalists. Aged from 16 to 21, more than 500 students have already gone through the school’s classroom program. In 2014, aiming to multiply the knowledge transmitted in person, the project also created the first online journalism school in Brazil, now with more than 5 thousand enrolled students. Énois develops its process at Casa do Povo since 2018. 

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