ColetivA Ocupação

ColetivA Ocupação


ColetivA Ocupação is a meeting between students, artists and performers from different regions of São Paulo who met during the occupations and protests resulting from the school system reorganization proposed by the  São Paulo state government in 2015 and 2016. The group was born from this approach and since 2016 develops continuous work of coexistence and creation at Casa do Povo.

The students’ struggle involved several spaces and gained different developments - theater was one of them. During the occupations, the group experienced what it is to think and act through the body, with performance as an instrument of combat.


ColetivA Ocupação’s first presentation happened in 2016, through an invitation from Casa do Povo, during the Performing Oppositions seminar. In 2017, the group was invited to create a performance for MIT - International Theater Festival. In 2018 they presented at UNEAFRO, at the VI ReAct Anthropology of Science Seminar, at the University of São Paulo; at the Florestan Fernandes National School and at the Caetano de Campos State School. They also organized the meeting “What happened since we jumped the walls” at Matilha Cultural and were invited to participate in the  Flexible Structures Laboratory at Casa do Povo and in the release of the book “Negri in the Tropics”, from N-1 Edições, with the participation of Antonio Negri.

In 2018, ColetivA held the Quando Quebra Queima season, divided in 6 presentations. The play is a collective "dance-struggle" constructed from the experiences of each performer: texts, songs, choreography, and photos made by students make up the scene; protest songs are sung; actions and street movements are evoked in the bodies of all participants. Occupying present time, ColetivA provokes and pulsates within this movement that transformed the lives and bodies of all who were a part of it.