Study of Therapeutic Postures

Study of Therapeutic Postures



9:30 am to 11 am

Doors open at 9:15 am

In times of constant acceleration and too many stimuli, practicing yoga helps to develop the attention, focus, and discernment. The regular practice of exercises strengthens and stretches the body, improves breathing and sleep, and in the longer run adds an increased presence to the performance of daily activities. When incorporated to the routine, yoga comes to be a simple resource – since it can be practiced anywhere and comprises variations for all bodies and ages – of self-care and self-observation.

In 2020, the yoga practice at Casa do Povo takes place under a new format. Each session will be dedicated to the study of therapeutic postures oriented towards common health issues.

The first part of each session is reserved to the practice of basic postures, working on the fundamentals of warming up, stretching, and firming up the body. Right after comes the studies around some therapeutic postures, according to the theme of each session – check the calendar below. It is important to remind that people with pre-existing health issues must have a medical follow-up, and that the practice of yoga does not replace other types of treatment.


Jan 24th / anxiety

Jan 31st / headache

Feb 7th / shoulder and neck pain

Feb 14th / cold and flu

Feb 21st / rhinitis and sinusitis

Feb 28th / upper back pain

Mar 6th / lower back pain

Mar 13th / sciatic pain

Mar 20th / knee pain

Mar 27th / PMS

Apr 3rd / symptoms related to climacteric and menopause

Apr 17th / digestive problems and reflux

Apr 24th / high blood pressure

How it works

- For each session, it is suggested a contribution of R$10 for those in charge of conducting the activity, in addition to an open contribution for Casa do Povo.

- No previous registration is required, you only have to show up 15 minutes before the beginning of the activity and wear comfortable clothes.

Important: the doors of Casa do Povo close at 9:30 am. After this hour, it is no longer possible to take part in the activity.

The yoga practice is conducted by Mariza Nakaozi, Paula Ordonhes, and Roberta Maran, experienced yoga practitioners and regular students of Luciana Brandão.

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