Ateliê Vivo Workshop

Ateliê Vivo Workshop



2 to 8 pm

Photo: Camila Picolo

Ateliê Vivo proposes autonomy in the process of constructing a garment by means of manual techniques. Allowing for material interaction (choosing the fabric, cutting, sewing) and manual construction (all steps are manual, even those that use auxiliary machinery), while rethinking fashion production cycles in a lively, active way.

On Saturdays the group coordinates a public sewing pattern library, open so that the public may construct their own article of clothing from the available patterns and machinery.

The project also offers, every first Saturday of the month, for beginners, a workshop where a step-by-step is taught for the construction of a piece from the library.

The Ateliê Vivo library is in constant construction and has received donations from designers such as Karlla Girotto, Alexandre Herchcovitch, Wilson Ranieri, Eduardo Inagaki, Gustavo Silvestre, Ofelia Lott, Giselle Nasser, Fabia Bercsek, Fernanda Yamamoto, Luisa Enout, Gabi Cherubini and Tathiana Kurita, among others.

How to participate

- 10 spots are available for the public from the greater São Paulo area, provided on a first-come, first-served basis.
- 2 spots for the participants from outside of São Paulo available through appointment, one week before the date chosen through the email
- Registrations are made by the Ateliê Vivo team from 1 pm in the lobby of Casa do Povo
- Sign-up is made on a first-come, first-served basis, respecting the order of those arriving or waiting on site before the team arrives at 1 pm
- 1 seat per person
- It is necessary to bring your own fabric (flat or mesh, minimum 2 meters). You can also buy fabrics that have been donated to the project. The amount is reverted to furthering Ateliê Vivo operation, which is managed on a voluntary basis.
- It is not necessary to bring a sewing kit. The project offers scissors, chalk, thread, pin, rulers, needles and tape rules.

"Make your own ..." Workshop

Every first Saturday of the month, from 2 pm to 9 pm

The beginner's workshop teaches you step-by-step how to build a piece from the pattern library. After the workshop, participants will know the basic processes of sewing, allowing them to return on other Ateliê Vivo days and build their own clothing. All material used in the workshop is offered by the project.

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