How Polish do you feel today?

How Polish do you feel today?


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How Polish do you feel today?  is a continuity of Polish Refuge project. The publication – edited by Casa do Povo (Benjamin Seroussi and Mariana Lorenzi) and by Editora Narrativa Um (Roney Cytrynowicz and Monica Musatti), together with urbanist Renato Cymbalista, with texts by philosopher Peter Pal Pelbart, artist Gisele Beiguelman, writter Michel Gorski – intends to record the project as a whole and function also as an (un)guide to the Polish

community’s participation in the creation of São Paulo, hinting toward the connection between Jewish and Catholic Polish migrants.

The book is divided into themes, strung together according to references, constructions, architectural landmarks, personalities, places of memory or different heritages in this community imagined by the book’s editors. From the contributions of immigrants, their children and their multiple identifications (a shtetl, a language, food, a place, a land or an imaginary), each section

attempts to deconstruct cultural labels, be them Polish or Brazilian, making this presence more rich and complex.

Available at Casa do Povo during visiting hour (R$5).

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