Polish Refuge
Jakub Szczesny

Polish Refuge
Jakub Szczesny


15 October to 

5 November / 2016

Photo: Edouard Fraipont

Polish architect Jakub Szczesny builds a temporary house in São Paulo, on the terrace of Casa do Povo where lives during three weeks.

In his ephemeral home, Jakub intends to provoke reflexion on migrations and current refugee policies. Specifically for this, an intense programming has been conceived, involving screenings, performances, celebrations or simple encounters between activists, artists, foreigners, refugees and other uprooted peoples.

On the occasion, a publication entitled How Polish do you feel today? Polish routes and detours in São Paulo will be released. Co-edited by Casa do Povo, Narrativa Um and Renato Cymbalista, the book portrays the participation of the heterogenous Polish community in forming the city and its imaginaries.

The Polish Refuge project questions cultural labels in a time of growing nationalistic and xenophobic policies. It dwells on the fact that identity building – Polish or Brazilian – is always the result of heterogenous processes.

Project is organised jointly by Casa do Povo, Stowarzyszenie Artanimacje and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute under its brand Culture.pl as part of the program of presentation of Polish culture in Brazil.

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