Chamada aberta: Escola do Shofar Yael Bartana / Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Bélgica)

Inscrições até 18 de setembro / 2020

A Casa do Povo se associa ao Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Bruxelas, Bélgica) e à artista Yael Bartana para revistar a tradição do shofar em uma série de quatro encontros que acontecem remotamente no mês de outubro. Saiba mais.

Assim elas comemoram a vitória Yael Bartana

Commissioned works

Assim elas comemoram a vitória [And so they celebrate victory] is a neon sign that occupies Casa do Povo’s entrance hall by the israeli artist Yael Bartana.

Soap Production with Used Cooking Oil

Saiba como ajudar

As part of the action fronts against COVID-19, a group of women has been gathering on a weekly basis to produce soap in the facilities of Casa do Povo. To donate, you only have to bring your cooking oil – used, new, or expired – to Casa do Povo.

COVID-19 Action Fronts

Saiba como ajudar

Casa do Povo has been focused on actions in the neighborhood to make its space useful in the fight against the effects of Covid-19 in the region.

Rádio ânsia

Fridays, from noon to 1pm / 2020

Rádio ânsia is a platform for encounters on kuir ecologies. A project by Universidad Desconocida (UU) along with Casa do Povo, aired every Friday in June, from noon to 1pm, retransmitted on Tuesdays from 5 to 6pm.

Nossa Voz #1020

Read online / 2020

The new edition of Nossa Voz newspaper is the continuance – and the unfolding in paper format – of a series of actions and reflections built upon the notion of common, which, although not designated as such, has been orienting Casa do Povo for decades, specially in the year of 2019.