Audio guide
Soundwalk through Bom Retiro

Audio guide
Soundwalk through Bom Retiro


Available on any smartphone with internet access

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Photo: Christophe Buffet 

The 55-minute audio guide runs along corners and streets, traditional shops, synagogues and buildings significant to the history of the Bom Retiro neighborhood, beginning and ending at Casa do Povo. Functioning as an urban guide, the route incorporates noises of the city and voices of real characters that present their points of view; layering past and present and inserting us into the atmosphere of Bom Retiro through a sound-landscape.

How to participate in the soundwalk through Bom Retiro

To listen and make the journey, access Casa do Povo’s facebook profile or directly download the Soundcloud app on your smartphone and select the soundwalk (“passeio sonoro”) playlist.

Casa do Povo also provides a few sound devices during visiting hours (subject to availability). It is necessary to bring your own headset and a photo ID to use a device. To make a reservation for scheduled groups, write to

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