Ancestral Voices, Dynamics of Cultural Translation
and the Systemic Library

Ancestral Voices, Dynamics of Cultural Translation
and the Systemic Library


17 January, 7:30pm


Reading is not just deciphering texts, it’s a random choice of elements, taken one by one from their context. Letters or types are specific cases of the generic act of reading. 

Vilem Flusser

How to read a library? How to use reading as the organizing element of libraries? How to relate the programme of cultural institutions with their libraries and archives? How to preserve cultural heritage in the digital domain? How to make it accessible, lively and meaningful to the public?

As part of the activities of the Living Archive, Casa do Povo invited the artist Mariana Lanari to a residence in 2019 to participate in the project of reforming the library and reactivating the historical collections of the institution.

In this meeting, Ancestral Voices, Dynamics of Cultural Translation and the Systemic Library, Mariana Lanari and Remco van Bladel will present their collaboration in continuity to the project Moving Thinking - the origin of one's thought is the thought of another, which took place in one of the largest modern art libraries in Europe, at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. A model that can be useful to think about the development of systems for the preservation, maintenance, use, interaction and accessibility of archives and libraries. An editorial, graphic, artistic and technological perspective to develop digital tools capable of transforming institutional memory into an engine for the production of new knowledge for the future.

Mariana Lanari is an artist, researcher and editor based in Amsterdam. She received an MA from the Sandberg Instituut and is starting a PhD at the University of Amsterdam.

Remco van Bladel is a graphic designer co-founder of art book publisher Onomatopee and typography teacher at ArtEZ, Arnhem. He runs a multidisciplinary design studio in Amsterdam.

This presentation is supported by Creative Industries Fund NL.

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